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German Slider
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The german slider is a new type of ground effect vehicle based on Jörg's principle, which combines state-of-the-art technology, ecology, economy, and design in its forward-looking conception, as well as continuously developing these components scientifically and sustainably. At present, this is the most effective maritime vehicle, not only in terms of its speed capabilities, which can reach up to 7 times the speed of a conventional watercraft.

The slider travels at three different speed levels: displacement, gliding and floating or flair. Until it reaches flair mode, it drives like a conventional motorboat, then makes optimal use of the ground effect and hovers just above the water surface.

Maritime future thought ahead...

The Challenge

The challenge and goal of the German Slider GmbH is nothing less than to revolutionize outdated and deadlocked transport systems and replace them with a completely new, global and ultra-modern transport system. Thinking maritime future anew, the German Slider ensures a sustainable ecological and economic balance that is truly path-breaking.

The Goals

With the ground effect vehicles we have developed, we can reduce the enormous consumption of fossil fuels and the resulting high CO2 emissions to a minimum while at the same time multiplying driving and cruising speeds. In this way we increase the safety standard as well as the comfort while driving.

Made in Germany

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Sustainable technology

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Ground effect

The Wing-In-Ground-Effect (WIG), is a physical phenomenon discovered by U.S. Air Force pilots during World War II and used by some bird species for thousands of years. The ground effect refers to the lift created by the dynamic pressure between the surface of the water and the wings, which allows the bird to rise into the air and glide close above the surface of the water with little energy expenditure.

In the history of the development of ground effect vehicles, the German researcher and engineer Günther W. Jörg has a special position. Jörg, who had already played a major role in the development of the vertical takeoff, has set completely new standards in the field of ground effect vehicles with the invention of the Tandem Airfoil Flairboat (TAF). Its special design results in a self-stabilizing effect.

The German Slider has been successfully developed over 20 years and is the first vehicle of its kind as well as the only self-stabilising WIG-Effect vehicle in the world.

The first vehicles successfully completed 100.000km test drives

Design Study


The german slider uses a new type of technology that has significant ecological and economic advantages. Since the vehicle moves above the water, no marine life or plants are affected.

Furthermore, its soundless movement protects noise-sensitive marine in-habitants. Its non-existent draught prevents injuries to animals such as whales and dolphins, which frequent occurrences with other types of marine vessels. Moreover, the german slider produces no wave impact, thus protecting animals’ breeding grounds on river banks.


The german slider not only saves 80-90% of the fuel, but also achieves up to 7 times the speed compared to conventional maritime vehicles. The speed that can be achieved depends on the size of the vehicle: starting at 140 km/h for our 14 meter model and rising up to 500 km/h for our large vehicles.

The vehicles will also be available with an electric drive and a hydrogen engine for the first time, making the german slider even more economically efficient and completely emission-free.

Safety and comfort

The steering with a rudder and the resulting maneuverability enable immediate changes of direction, making the Slider far superior to sluggish boats and ships. Obstacles under water, shoals, rocks or the like pose no problem whatsoever during the journey. The shallow draught – 1% of the vehicle length – allows the Slider to approach all harbours without any problems which is an enormous advantage.

Thanks to the reduced braking distance, the Slider is predestined for autonomous driving. In the event of danger of any kind, the vehicle can reach a harbour or shore in the shortest possible time, which means enormous safety, especially for ferries. The design of the vehicle means that passengers can be evacuated within a few minutes in an emergency, with the large wings providing additional safety and the passengers not having to flee into the water. The four wings act as floats, making it almost impossible for the Slider to sink. This must also be considered an enormous benefit in regard to insurances.

The relaxed ride comfort in the most modern interior design while gently floating over the waves represents a revolution in maritime travel and cannot be compared with that of conventional boats and ships. Travelling with the Slider is characterized by virtually silent travel, whereby even the vehicle's own movement is barely noticeable, which practically rules out seasickness. By maximizing speed many times over, journey and travel times are significantly reduced, making maritime transport much more attractive and efficient overall.

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