The Maritime Solution

We already meet the IMO standard for reducing greenhouse gas emissions for ships by 2030.

The IMO (UN specialised agency) strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from seagoing vessels envisages a 70% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2040 compared to 2008. Within this framework, the interim target has been set to achieve a 20% reduction in emissions by 2030, also compared to 2008.

german slider GmbH develops and builds innovative ground-effect vehicles. These vehicles combine state-of-the-art technology, ecological innovation, economic efficiency and modern design with the path-breaking concept of the Jörg Principle, while always developing and improving the single components scientifically, technically and sustainably.

The Challenge and the Goal

The challenge and goal of the german slider project is nothing less than to revolutionise outdated and deadlocked transport systems and replace them with a completely new, global and ultra-modern transport system. Thinking maritime future anew, the german slider ensures a sustainable ecological and economic balance that is truly path-breaking.

With the ground-effect vehicles we have developed, we can reduce the enormous consumption of fossil fuels and the resulting high CO₂ emissions to a minimum. At the same time, we can multiply driving and travelling speeds and increase safety standards as well as the comfort of journeying and transporting.

The Ground Effect

The ground effect – also known as the wing-in-ground-effect (WIG) – is a physical phenomenon that was discovered by pilots in the 1940s. It has been used by some bird species for thousands of years and is often called the »albatross effect« .

The Technical Principle

The term ground effect refers to the lift created by the dynamic pressure between the water surface and the wings, enabling the albatross to rise into the air and cover enormous distances, while hovering close to the water surface with little energy expenditure.

Our Economic Advantages

The german slider is a further development of the Jörg Tandem System, the first vehicle of its kind, the only self-stabilising and therefore safest ground effect vehicle in the world. In addition, the slider is continuously being developed further in the interests of economy and sustainability.

In terms of its economic efficiency, the german slider offers an absolutely unique selling point.

By effectively utilising the ground effect in combination with specially developed aerodynamics and the use of state-of-the-art materials, the slider can save 70-90% fuel compared to conventional watercrafts, even when using conventional drives. At the same time, the slider increases the vehicle speed many times over. Depending on the length of the vehicle, speeds of over 400 km/h are realistic.





Our Ecological Advantages

The concept of the german slider is extremely versatile. It is orientated towards nature in a sustainable, resource-saving sense and is also economically and technically innovative.

By utilising the ground effect and the vehicle's highly energy-efficient mode of locomotion as it flairs over the surface of the water, CO₂ emissions can be reduced to an absolute minimum of over 70-90% compared to conventional means of transport.

CO₂ emissions


CO₂ emissions


The Slider’s Versatility

The german slider is currently the most efficient, most modern and fastest maritime vehicle for passenger and freight transport. It can be used advantageously, profitably and sustainably in many areas, whether for commercial or private use.

Comfort | Relaxed Flairing

Gently floating above waves while being surrounded by the most modern interior design – the relaxed ride comfort of the Slider represents a revolution in maritime travel.

It simply cannot be compared with that of conventional boats and ships.

Because of the high speed of the Slider, journey and travel times are significantly reduced, making maritime transport much more attractive and efficient overall.


The steering with a rudder and the resulting manoeuvrability enable immediate changes of direction, making the Slider far superior to sluggish boats and ships. Obstacles under water, shoals, rocks or the like pose no problem whatsoever during the journey. The shallow draught – 1% of the vehicle length – allows the Slider to approach all harbours without any problems which is an enormous advantage. Thanks to the reduced braking distance, the Slider is predestined for autonomous driving.

In the event of danger of any kind, the vehicle can reach a harbor or shore within a very short time due to its high speed, which represents enormous safety, especially for ferries.

The design of the vehicle means that passengers can be evacuated within a few minutes in case of an emergency, with the large wings providing additional safety and passengers not having to flee into the water. The four wings act as floats, making it almost impossible for the Slider to sink.

The History

German researcher and engineer Günther W. Jörg holds a special place in the history of ground-effect vehicle development. Jörg, who was already involved in the development of the vertical take-off aircraft, set completely new standards in the field of ground effect vehicles with his invention of the »Tandem Airfoil Flairboat« (TAF). Its special design lead to a self-stabilising effect.

The Future and its Prospects

The aim of german slider GmbH is not only to design and build the most innovative and sophisticated ground-effect vehicles, but also to establish a completely new transport system consisting of sea-based and land-based vehicles. The Slider is to be developed into an international brand that stands for innovation and the highest technical quality, ecology, sustainability and safety.

The maritime sector will be covered with vehicles in various sizes from 2 to 600-seaters, while 10 to 600-seaters are planned for the land-based vehicles, whereby we are aiming for all vehicles to be completely emission-free.

While we are currently focussing mainly on the maritime sector, the first plans for land-based vehicles are already underway. The Slider works even better here, as the land surface has no inherent movement like water, and there are even more possible applications than above water. Vehicles with skids and wheels have already been successfully tested.


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