Possible uses

Areas of Application

The Slider is currently the most efficient, most modern and fastest maritime vehicle for passenger and freight transport and can be used advantageously, profitably and sustainably in many areas, whether for commercial or private use.

There are numerous possible applications, for example in ferry and freight transport, rescue services, for aid organisations and coastal protection, for the maintenance of offshore wind farms, in tourism and private use and, last but not least, in the military sector.

Private application:
Our ground-effect vehicle is also extremely interesting to the private sector. Whether as a small vehicle model for sport and leisure or as a tender for yachts and ships, the easy manoeuvrability of the vehicle – comparable to a car and less sluggish than that of a boat – and the flair over the water make driving safer, more comfortable and, last but not least, an event itself that users will not want to miss out on during their future maritime journeys.

Of course, it is also possible to build large yacht-like vehicles. The equipment can be customised and designed to suit individual requirements, from simple to luxurious. It is important to us that all our advantages come into play here: minimal CO2 emissions, conservation of resources, high energy efficiency, sustainability, but also speed and pleasure.

Innovative in all Areas

Further possible uses

Ferry and freight services:
Due to its speed, energy efficiency and much better manoeuvrability, passenger and freight transport becomes faster, more sustainable and safer. The gliding of the vehicle in »flair mode« prevents seasickness and makes travelling more comfortable, while the inherently stable vehicle design leads to greater safety on and above the water. Even floating debris such as lost sea containers pose no problem for the Slider in »flair mode«.

Thanks to the shorter journey times, ferry operators can schedule their routes more economically. The Slider's maintenance costs are much lower than those of conventional watercraft. Whether transporting passengers or freight, the Slider is ideal for connecting the mainland with offshore islands or islands further away from the mainland such as those in the Caribbean or Asia.

Off-shore wind farms:
Wind farms regularly require maintenance and repair work that needs to be carried out quickly. Thanks to its high speed, the Slider can reach distant wind farms many times faster than other watercrafts, meaning that the necessary work can usually be completed within a day, whereas other watercraft need to travel there and back alone, meaning that they have to be supported by costly boat hotels. Thus, the one-hour waiting time for seasick maintenance and repair personnel, which is required by law, is eliminated incidentally.

Coastal protection:
With its outstanding manoeuvrability and agility, stable flair over water and, last but not least, its enormous speed advantages, the Slider is predestined for successful coastal protection.

The vehicle's enormous range of over 550 nautical miles gives the Slider further and considerable advantages, as does its extremely shallow draught of 1% of the vehicle's length, which even makes it possible to hover over shallows and sandbanks without any problems. Furthermore, the crew is not affected by seasickness.

The Slider is ideally suited for use in tourism. Whether for adventurous excursions or simple passenger transport from the mainland to islands or island to island, travelling with the Sliders is safe, comfortable, sustainable, cost-effective and fast. Floating calmly over the water becomes an experience of itself – seasickness is a thing of the past.

Rescue services:
The Slider is ideal for rescue operations. Thanks to its high speed, it can reach the scene quickly. Much faster transport to hospitals and other medical facilities is ensured.

The stable, calm travelling position over water protects injured and sick people and ensures better initial medical care on board than with conventional boats and ships, as well as preventing medical personnel from becoming seasick. With the Slider, people in distress at sea can be rescued much more quickly and safely.