Ecological Advantage

The concept of the german slider is extremely versatile. It is orientated towards nature in a sustainable, resource-saving sense and is also economically and technically innovative. By utilising the ground effect and the vehicle's highly energy-efficient mode of locomotion as it flairs over the surface of the water, CO2 emissions can be reduced to an absolute minimum of over 70-90% compared to conventional means of transport.

The Slider also protects wildlife. Marine animals and plants are not drawn into the propulsion system, thus preventing injuries. The absence of underwater noise levels protects noise-sensitive sea creatures such as dolphins, whales, turtles and corals, which are of great importance for the ecological balance. As the vehicle does not cause any wave impact in flair mode, the breeding areas of animals on sea and river banks are not threatened in any way. Globally, there is no other watercraft currently in use that provides those benefits.

We pursue a sustainable concept with our partners right from the construction of our vehicles and the materials and components used for them: energy-efficient production, long durability, short transportation routes and sustainable recyclability. The outlook. Our vehicles already nearly fulfil and exceed the IMO (International Maritime Organization) climate targets. Still, the german slider GmbH always strives to improve its product in all ways possible. Trying to achieve the utmost possible engineering feats while carefully considering practical and economic aspects of the final product is part of our company culture. We are already in positive negotiations with various potential project partners who will soon be developing a fuel cell drive specifically for the Slider, which would make our vehicles completely emission-free. The same applies to the use of electric motors for the smaller vehicle sizes.